We believe that shared experiences build stronger relationships. We are a part of Liwlig and are based in Norway, with a presence in Sweden, Finland, and Denmark. We take a strategic approach to events, creating amazing experiences that have a real impact on the brand, corporate culture, society, and the market.

Vi er Gyro

Today, we are so much more than an event agency. We are a creative house with expertise in all areas. Unique people who create unique experiences, for those who dare to bet and create vivid moments that take the audience's breath away. We are there to tell the stories of our customers, because an event is more or less a "reason to speak", and when the customer doesn't have the words to tell the story, we come in and create the story.


OUR GROUP and Our Values

At LIWLIG, we find purpose in bringing people together. We breathe new life into relationships, brands, and cultures through events that inspire, build trust, and change people. We turn moments into momentum.

We above me

We is the most powerful word we know. We is fairness for all, clients and suppliers too. We is an energy that shares the load, and the laughs. We is our commitment that we all succeed together.

Braver than yesterday

We always have the courage to innovate or try something new. But we own our decisions, and are always honest and straight talking. If we are true to ourselves we are true to everyone.

Passionate beyond reason

We are driven by a passion for what we do. It makes us obsess over every little detail. It’s why we love our clients too. We go to extraordinary lengths, because it’s not ‘just a job’, we just can’t help it.

Always there

Trust in our reliability is our foundation, built from thousands of small actions every day. There’s a simple rule: do what you say you’ll do. And whatever happens no one is ever alone.

Gyro & Sustainability


We have a responsibility

Most activities generate emissions. Gyro's responsibility is to find effective emissions reduction solutions that are easy for the customer to choose. Therefore, we are actively working to establish sustainability as an integral part of our working process.

We aim to achieve this through emissions measurement, smart resource utilization, the facilitation of sustainability routines for our employees, and close collaboration with our suppliers. This means challenging ourselves, our customers, and our suppliers. We recognize that different projects have varying prerequisites and, therefore, different potential for emissions reduction. However, we believe that measuring emission drivers and the associated follow-up of measures create awareness that will reduce emissions.

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The Transparency Act

Right to information according to the Transparency Act:

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